Contact for Us

Please read this certainly before contacting:
  1. We support you in Japanese or in English only.
  2. It takes some time to reply or solve.
  3. Before contacting, read pages carefully.  Also, you can search the page at top page (Powered by Google Custom Search).
  4. If you contact for us, dosankosoft assume you agreed to privacy policy.


How to Contact for Us?

Method 1 - dosankosoft Support Center -

*Please cooperate to experimental operation of original mail form.
Now dosankosoft support center is operating original mail form experimentally.
In the original mail form, you can receive automatic reply e-mail, and compatibility of form is better.
dosankosoft will switch the mail form from rental service to original mail form.
This mail form will be changed its form.

If you have trouble(s) in using original mail form, please contact with one of methods expect for the original mail form.
In this, please let me know in detail how you used.

Please contact us by dosankosoft Support Center.


Method 2 - E-mail -

Please send an e-mail to:
([ATMARK] = @)


Method 3 - Twitter -

Please send a reply to @dosankosoft at Twitter.