Terms of software and content

1. Beginning

If you use contents or informations published in the site, dosankosoft assume you agreed to these terms.


2. Content

All rights related to the content published on this site are belong to allow us or our rights.

You can't modificate or distribute the contents in unauthorized.

If you redistribute the content, please contact dosankosoft along with public URL.

In any case, if you redistribute, the content should not be privately owned.


3. Customers

Customers that use our content can be found in possession of the right to speak the opinions and requests for or asked to fix the problem , to build up a better content . This right was recognized Support Center , Twitter , at place designated by the other company .


4. Privacy

Please check Privacy Policy.


5. Your Comments Across the dosankosoft ,etc.

dosankosoft promises to face about one crossed the dosankosoft opinions and claims, including, very seriously and help future service.


6. Submission

Submissions from customers across many customers through dosankosoft will be reviewed by the dosankosoft ago the public, and checked whether there are no offensive contects and whether it is not infringing copyright, portrait right, etc.

Specifically, you cannot public the contents including:

In any case, publishing of contents that didn't pass reviewing is not allowed.

7. Others

The thems may be changed without notice.



2014/3/13 Enactment

2014/10/11 Tweak

2015/4/12 Revised

2015/4/16 Tweak

2015/6/21 Tweak