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You can not receive again if you do not use register the time of the delivery e-mail magazine! Please register early!

The e-mail magazine of dosankosoft, I send information such as new members only, a variety of information!

In addition, it will be released a little benefits (such as members-only software) in the members only!!

It's free of course!


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  1. In the registration form, please fill in the necessary information.
  2. Please wait until receipt. (Still, slow, and will receive the delivery time to the next.)
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      1. E-mail address or have been entered correctly?
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*Please cooperate to experimental operation of original mail form.
Now here is operating original mail form experimentally.
In the original mail form, you can receive automatic reply e-mail, and you have the step of interim registration, and compatibility of form is better.
dosankosoft will switch the mail form from rental service to original mail form.
This mail form will be changed its form.

If you have trouble(s) in using original mail form, please contact with the traditional mail form.
Later, please let me know in detail how you used with Support Center.

Registration Form


Please observe the following rules.

  1. Please do not tell people who are not registered to the e-mail magazine information of members only. 
  2. It may be or may be changed or out delivery time. I can not answer to the inquiry "When do you delivered the next issue? ". 
  3. I may stop the delivery without notice e-mail magazine.

Q & A

  1. I'd like to unsubscribe or change my email address.
    1. Template, so it may be found in e-mail address to send at the time of registration, please send an email to us using it.
  2. Variation of information do you more in the future?
    1. I am going to increase.

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