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Original application submitted

About the application

"DSOXXXXX" is name of the app is (the five characters in the alphabet XXXXX) all. @XXXXX is the application ID.
When you make an original app
When I made the original app

When you save as 'SAVE "DSO(alphanumeric application ID)"', it will be corresponding to the OS.


DosankoOSX Updating Support will be over

At hand, and your handy little OS.

Simple, easy, and freedom
DosankoOSX knows to need element for operating system, and DosankoOSX is one of DsOS.
It has simple and lucid display,
intuitive and simple operation, and system with a high degree of freedom, no more than this, it is the best OS.
※Screen is a thing of the development.
System adoption results
It became the Ver4.4 you to work better!
How to update the app storage area
zip set (set QR code, specifications, and manual)
If you can not download the zip
App download
Post application
There is no application of English. I am waiting for the application of English.


It is the computer pointer just like DosankoOSX. Please refer to the manual of the computer of your other setting.


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